Flower Envelope Box


    The Flower Envelope Box is a beautiful and unique floral arrangement that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. This bouquet features pink roses, white tulips, pink carnations, and green and white various fillers, creating a stunning and harmonious display of fresh and delicate blooms.

    Pink roses in the arrangement symbolize happiness, joy, and admiration, while the white tulips represent purity, forgiveness, and sincerity. Pink carnations in the arrangement symbolize love, fascination, and admiration, while the green and white fillers add depth, texture, and interest to the bouquet. The Flower Envelope Box is packaged in an envelope box, which may be pink with pink stripes or pink with green stripes, adding a touch of fun and personality to the display. This unique packaging makes the Flower Envelope Box perfect for any occasion that calls for a thoughtful and stylish gift.